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Garreg Gron
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What does a garden designer do?

Aims to solve problems well. And by doing this, I hope to exceed the expectations of my client.
This requires an eye for hidden potential in the site and an understanding of how
everything interconnects: the clients to their home, the house to the garden,
the land to the  neighbourhood, the area to the soil type, climate and topography etc.

Before a visit, I send some information, including a garden design flowchart (pdf)
describing all the stages in a typical project, a Client Checklist (pdf) to capture
all your garden requirements and I also bring along my portfolio.
I usually also complete a brief Site Survey (pdf) and take photographs during the visit. 

A completed design (at A1 or A2 size) normally takes between 21 - 28 days to complete.
All of my design drawings are currently produced by hand.

Just want some advice and encouragement?

I also offer a 'barefoot design' service where you can purchase a fixed number of hours
of my time to help solve a design or horticultural problem. Sometimes, this is all
that's required to help get you on your way.  

Take a look at my Portfolio for detailed design information, plans and pictures
of recently completed gardens. The Galleries (on the right) include a selection of photographs
from completed gardens.  

Garden Illustraion