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Here you’ll find detailed information on a number of recently completed gardens.
I have included before and after pictures and explanations of the design challenges.

5x5 Series
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5 x 5 Series
(projects smaller than 25 sq.m.)

I find smaller spaces (up to 5m x 5m) particularly rewarding to work with. Their size means that you become intimately aware of every aspect and quality of the space. This new gallery of very small gardens – all under 25 sq.m. in area – looks at the design challenges, the clients’ brief and the design solutions I came up with.

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Small / Medium Gardens

If you have a small or medium size garden, you can improve your space in one go
by introducing a small change of level. Even one step will transform an uninteresting
space and give it an ‘edge’. I find that curves and circles can also help ‘push’ out
the width of a narrow garden. Extra deep borders will also help to screen intrusive
boundary fencing. Design-wise, less is definitely more here.

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Large Gardens

I define a large garden as anything over about 20m in length. With these gardens,
it’s important to create an element of mystery, enclosure, secrecy or intimacy –
the size has to be ‘tamed’ in some way. In larger gardens, I find it’s important
to ensure that the garden unfolds in a compulsive, interesting way. Paths, screens and strong shapes are very important in unifying a large garden and take on extra prominence. 

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Therapeutic Gardens 

I also work with public organisations to realise the potential of their outdoor areas.
I am particularly interested in the therapeutic value of gardens and their proven role
in the healing and rehabilitation processes of patients and service users (as well as
staff and family visitors). I am keen to encourage our healing and care organisations
to integrate their outdoor spaces into the care and support they provide.