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A Garden for the Senses…






Herbs, crops, fruit, vegetables
Flavour, ripeness, yielding from the stalk
An orchard, a herb garden, a vegetable patch
Freshly harvested – time is right!
Use your hands, let the juices flow


Feel, caress, stroke, smooth, crush, tap
Sensual, tactile, desire, intention, inviting, repelling
Sharp, spiky, smooth, waxy, papery, hairy, woolly
Closer, at arm’s length! Feet in water, in soil, on grass
Eyes shut, hands and fingers do the ‘seeing’


Deep breaths, enveloping, smiling, astonishing
Memories, ages-old events, people, other times
Familiar and reassuring, lawns mown, wintersweet
Intoxicating, mysterious, follow your nose, reverie
Busy bees, brushing past, where did that come from?


Listen, focus, zone out, now what’s that?
Rustling, swishing, buzzing, burbling – all is movement
Gentle, natural sounds, wildlife abounds
Windy weather, makes the grasses sway
Flower laden stems bobbing, the waterfall splashes


Beauty, natural and raw, harmonious
Light and shade, tones and hues
Vibrant colours and mellow understated ones
Attention and distraction, feast for the eyes
Intricacy and subtlety – seeing is observing